Pork Chops Stew With Creamy Mushrooms Soup Recipe


Pork Chops Stew With Creamy Mushrooms Soup Recipe. Watch the video recipe at the bottom of the page, bellow the written recipe

1. In the beginning, mix lukewarm water, mushroom soup, and chopped parsley leaves. Set aside until use (stir occasionally).

2. Pork chops with bones are great for this stew. Add salt and pepper to both sides and leave at room temperature until use.

3. In a large pan, add fat or oil and fry the cutlets/chops for about ten minutes in total.

4. Take out into one container and close with foil or cover to keep from cooling.

5. Now add onions, carrots, fresh sweet red peppers, parsley, and celery root vegetables, bay leaves, and, if desired, hot peppers to the same fat.

6. Simmer all together for 10-15 minutes.

7. Pour 2.5 dl of water and cover for the next 10-15 minutes to reduce the liquid completely.

8. Repeat the pouring with the same amount of water and leave again for 10-15 minutes to reduce the liquid.

9. After that, add the garlic and fry it briefly, about a minute.

10. Arrange the cutlets over the dish, then add the frozen peas and pour 2 dl of water over them.

11. Immediately pour over that mushroom cream soup from the beginning of the recipe and cover for 7-8 minutes to “simmer” over low heat, and the juice becomes thicker.

12. Turn the meat over, pour over the red wine and cook covered for another 10 minutes, i.e., until the desired density.

13. Try the stew, add salt if necessary, and the stew with chops and creamy mushroom soup is ready to serve.

14. I only used cooked rice as a side dish, but you can, of course, whatever comes to your mind and seems sensible.

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